Why use hot and cold therapy for training and how does it actually work?

Hot and cold treatment in the form of a sauna and a plunge pool or cold water can be used to prevent injuries and help accelerate recovery.

In technical terms, vasoconstriction happens in the muscles when you get into the cold water and vasodilation happens once you then expose the muscles to warm temperatures.

In simple terms, this stimulates blood flow which can help flush out the muscles.

Not many people have access to saunas and ice bath, but alternating between hot and cold showers also works.

Sea swimming has become very popular because of how invigorated you feel after being in cold water.

And to keep things safe and sensible, it can be enough to simply wade in cold water to encourage recovery.

Let us know if you’ve had any experience with these methods and if you are thinking about sea swimming, make sure you take a safety buoy with you incase of cold water shock



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